Laurie FrenchPresident021
Dave EdwardsVice President021  
Dietmar LonderTreasurer09 445
Diana BennettClub Captain021 
Hamish WilsonJunior Convenor021 2413923  
Sally McDonaldSecretary021 0568191 
Murray ForbesIT support029 9125801 

Health and Safety Policy Statement for the Devonport Squash Club

The Devonport Squash Club is committed to providing a safe and healthy club for its members,
visitors, volunteers and contractors.
Our focus is on taking all practicable steps to ensure the safety of everyone on the premises.
Devonport Squash Club will:
• Comply with the codes of practice, guidelines and standards of the Health & Safety at Work Act 2015.
• Promote excellence in health and safety management
• Continually improve health and safety performance
• Provide a safe and healthy club environment
• Identify and control actual and potential hazards
• Demonstrate a commitment to the accurate reporting and recording of health and safety matters
The Club’s elected committee is designated to ensure there is appropriate support and
resourcing for health & safety management and initiatives.

Devonport Squash Club Committee

For further information then open this document  Health and Safety Policy and Procedures Jul 17