Squash Ladder

Devonport squash club Ladder

What is it?

The club ladder is essentially a ranking system of all the squash players in the Club.  There are 4 ladders Men’s A, Men’s B, Juniors and Womens.

Note: Top Men’s B players can challenge the bottom Men’s A players  up to 3 places above.

Female players can play in the Men’s A or B depending on their grading points.

How does it work?

The ladder lists squash members in ability order (ranked in grading list order) and players move up the ladder by challenging and beating those listed above them. If you successfully challenge another member (i.e., you win), then you move up to your opponents’ position on the ladder, and your opponent will fall by one place. If you are unsuccessful (you lose), then both players stay in the same places as before.

Who can I challenge?

Players already on the Club ladder can only challenge others who are up to 3 places above them, and therefore can be challenged by players up to 3 places below them. 

What happens then?

All matches are played to the best of five games of 15 points per game.

After playing a ladder match, simply go to the ladder located in the gallery at the club and move your name if you have won the match.

What happens if I am injured or away for a while?

Please move your name to the bottom of the ladder if you are unavailable or let me know and I will do it.

​​​​​​​How do I get on the ladder?

If you are not already on the club ladder then write you name with phone number and place it at the bottom of the player list then you can start challenging.

Any questions then contact the club captain – Diana Bennett 021 474 384.